What clients & colleagues have to say

“I am most grateful that Stacy came into my daughter’s life! Stacy gave her the essential life skills and strategies to manage the situation we were living in, and would need to continue to live with. Stacy generously displayed compassion and empathy for our families struggles amidst her professional responsibilities. Her talent was evident in the various techniques she used to address my daughter’s specific needs. Stacy gently leads with both her heart and mind. I highly recommend Stacy for any counseling needs for children, teens, and families!” – A thankful Mom

“Mentoring at risk teens, I frequently find myself looking in the faces of parents and kids who need more than what my organization offers.  They need professional counseling from a trustworthy, engaging clinician who doesn’t sit behind the pretense of a desk or condescendingly above a reclined chair.  Stacy uses humor as well as her wonderful knowledge of kids to meet them where they are.  Because of her excellence, she is on a very short list of practices I refer my families to.” –  Zach Kreeger, Young Life Area Director

“Stacy has been seeing my kids since the loss of their mother a few years ago.  Her connection with my kids has allowed them to open up and express many harbored emotions.  Stacy’s experience with her own loss has given her the understanding of how others feel when faced with a similar situation, and this has given my kids tremendous benefit.  My kids also love the pleasurable and engaging environment in her office.  I highly recommend her to anyone in similar circumstances.” – A father of 3

“As a hospice chaplain, I encounter many families who are dealing with various kinds of grief and loss, and often children and youth not only are grappling with the decline or loss of the loved one, but also other issues and/or family dynamics which invariably get stirred up when families go through such an intense experience.  When I have referred families to Stacy I have always received very positive feedback!  She is someone I can refer to with total confidence.”   –  Aram Haroutunian, Hospice Chaplain

“My three year old daughter was struggling with PTSD symptoms after a mudslide hit our home in September.  She lost her confidence and joy in doing the things that she loved. After four sessions with Stacy, she found the confidence to verbalize her fears, and has made a quick and full recovery. We are so thankful to Stacy! Stacy has a playfulness that makes children feel at ease and the skill set to deliver effective treatment results. “ – Grateful Mom

“Children today have to navigate challenges that my generation and previous generations have never had to face. In a world that is changing so quickly and full of verbal and physical violence, many kids have to grow up way too fast. Stacy offers a safe space for children to process these challenges and patiently works with them as they heal and find joy again. I would heartily recommend Stacy’s counseling services for any child or family that is working through pain and grief– there is no one in Denver that I would trust more with the heart of a child than Stacy Schaffer.”- J. Douglas, MA. Coach in Member Care, Nonviolent Communication, Enneagram, and CernySmith Stress Assessments

“Stacy really connects with children, she unlike any other counselor, because her approach is so relatable  and creative for children. Both of my children were traumatized in a horrible situation, it effected my eldest daughter the worst. My oldest daughter was scared of noises and was in fear everywhere we went, however, when I brought her to meet Stacy, she seemed to be at ease. Stacy really gave her the comfort of talking to someone she could trust and kept it fun to distract her and helped her work through her issues. It was amazing to see that final point where she broke through and Stacy guided her the whole way. I’m happy to say that now my daughter is a very healthy, happy kid and no longer afraid of everything. I would recommend Stacy to anyone who has children having issues, whether they are having trauma or just need someone to talk to.  Stacy will be able to help them.” – A very happy mom of an 11 and 8 year old.

“Stacy combines clinical expertise with emotional availability.  Her playfulness and insight, coupled with professionalism and compassion, make Stacy approachable and safe in the therapy relationship.  She is able to join with children and relate to parents in a way that creates an optimal environment for healing.” – Karen Anderson Fagan, LPC

“For my two daughters, sessions with Stacy became a highlight of their week. Her passion and commitment are obvious and I knew that my daughter’s souls were in good hands. Having a 12 and 14 year old adjust so confidently to the divorce of their parents is the essence of Stacy’s therapy and an eternal testimony of her professionalism and effectiveness as a therapist.  I unequivocally recommend Stacy. My life, and most importantly my daughter’s lives, have been enriched as a result of her work. I remain available to anyone who would care to speak to me directly about her services. God has blessed us with a very special soul in Stacy Schaffer.” – Father of  two.

“My family has had the pleasure of Stacy’s professionalism and expertise in working with our son. She formed a bond with him that will last a lifetime and helped him acquire the skills necessary in not only dealing with trauma, but everyday life. She has really gone the extra mile in being his voice and providing a place that he calls “safe”. Stacy has helped him heal and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Anyone that comes across Stacy is blessed to have her in their life and the life of their child.” –  A grateful mom

“Stacy has had a tremendous influence in my life. She’s been an amazing therapist for me as a young adult and has helped me navigate so many challenges that are unique to the late teen/early stages of adulthood. The incredible counseling skills and compassion she offers regarding all things from life direction to relationships have transformed my life and helped me find a joy and zest for life that was lost for quite some time. Thank you Stacy for touching my life and being the greatest encouragement as I navigated my quarter life crisis :)”   – A profoundly grateful 22 year old

“Stacy has been a comfort to me through hard times and I will always be grateful for the safe place that she gave me. She is welcoming and gave me support and advice for dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as navigating the stressful life of being a teen.” – A grateful teen

“No one gets kids better than Stacy. Her love and passion are evident. She is a highly skilled therapist who establishes instant rapport with her clients, and works tirelessly to bring help and healing to every situation. I highly recommend her.” – Phyllis Mathis, MA, LPC

“I saw Stacy for the last two years or so of my high school career, and though I waked into a bright purple office filled with stuffed animals and was honestly thinking “what the &*^% am I doing here?” Stacy immediately made me feel home and comfortable. She let me act my age instead of expecting me to meet the mentality of her normal clientele (school aged children) and she welcomed my sarcasm with her wonderful sense of humor. She never once made me feel judged or small. She made me feel like a human being that does not owe others more than I owe myself. She even offered to keep seeing me once I went off to college over Skype, but never pressured me to continue with her. I miss her so much but she helped me become the person I was always afraid to be. I’ll never forget her!” – Thankful.

“I seriously LOVE my therapist. 5 out of 5 stars.” – Teen client

“Stacy is a remarkable counselor. We are so blessed to have found her when we did. She has made all the difference for our child and our family in our time of need. Stacy’s understanding, compassion, and dedication are impeccable. She has helped our child to feel happy healthy and stable again. Thank you Stacy for being such an incredible guiding light at a time when we were lost in darkness. We are indebted with gratitude to you and the help you have given us.” – The xxxxx family

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